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Hamilton County

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Hamilton County Schools (HCS) is committed to excellence with a vision that all students thrive and experience a future without limits. This vision drives HCS to produce high school graduates who are prepared for success and their future goals. The district's strategic plan, Future Ready 2023, guides the path to academic excellence and focuses everyone in the community on five areas of action: Accelerating Student Achievement, Future Ready Students, Great Teachers and Leaders, Efficient and Effective Operations and an Engaged Community. This plan supports our belief that every school deserves an excellent leader and the resources to meet the needs of our diverse group of learners. Hamilton County Schools serves over 44,000 students and is a district of urban, suburban, and rural school communities. Five distinct learning communities: Rock Point, Harrison Bay, MidTown, North River, and Missionary Ridge, make up the school district. Through our continued support of great leaders and thriving students HCS was able to sustain in-person instruction for 90% of the 2020-2021 school year. In the last year accountability was measured, the district achieved Level 5 in every area for student academic growth. Additionally, 45 of the district's 78 schools were Level 5 schools and 32 were Reward schools. With support from the community, Hamilton County Schools can continue to improve student achievement and fulfill the vision of Future Ready 2023.

District Overall

The figure above represents the overall letter grade for this school or district in the 2020-21 school year. This year, letter grades were given to districts that did not meet the 80% TCAP participation requirement. Letter grades of “H” mean that this school or district was held harmless this year. For more information, click here.