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Average ACT composite score details

The Average ACT composite score represents the average score for all students in the graduating class, regardless of whether or not the student graduated.

ACT Average


What does this mean?

The ACT average reflects the performance of the 2020 graduating class.

Why is this important?

ACT scores are an important factor in determining postsecondary success and readiness for postsecondary institutions.

Average ACT composite score over time

What does this mean?

Starting in 2017, average scores are calculated using the highest scores students earn in the three years before graduation only for students who complete graduation.

Why is this important?

It’s important to look at the average ACT score over time because it demonstrates whether or not students are improving on standardized assessments over a set period of time.

Average ACT composite score by subject

Math Score 19.2
Reading Score 20.5
English Score 19.5
Science Score 19.9

What does this mean?

These scores reflect the average performance of students on each tested subject on the ACT assessment.

Why is this important?

These scores give important information about how successful students are on a variety of subjects found on the ACT.

Average ACT composite score by student group

Economically Disadvantaged Score 17.3
English Language Learner Score 14.9
Students with Disabilities Score 15.1
Combined Score 17.6
Black/Hispanic/ Native American Score 17.4

What does this mean?

These scores reflect the average ACT performance of a various student groups.

Why is this important?

Using these scores, it is easier to understand how well schools and districts are meeting the needs of different groups of students.